The membership of the Savannah River Band of Euchee Indians Tribal Nation. Tribes of the Savannah River Band of Euchee  is built on the unique base of direct lineal descent of Savannah River Band tribal members. We require that all petitioners list 4 generations of direct lineal descent. We dont accept adopted or nationalize citizens from other tribes. The burden of proof that applicants meet the enrollment requirements lies with the applicant. The Enrollment Committee reviews application files and makes recommendations to the Tribal Council take the recommendation to the council of goverance who  approve or deny applications for membership. The Enrollment Committee meets  on 2nd week each month  to review applicant files, on the Tribal Council review, the roll numbers are issued. The Enrollment Staff will send out denial letters by Certified Mail. The requirements for membership in the Savannah River Band of Euchee Indians Tribal Nation are as follows:

  • The applicant must have a parent  who was enrolled at at the time of their birth.
  • The applicant must have an ancestor of direct lineal descent from the 1800's 1863 Euchee refugee rolls, census records 1850-1930 in South Carolina and Georgia.  and special indian census records are accepted to determine their possession of Savannah River Band of Euchee Indian Tribal Nation blood.
  • Savannah River band of Euchee Indian Tribal Nations prohibits dual enrollment.
  • The applicant must relinquish their tribal rights from the other tribe for five years from date of relinquishment. A Tribal Council resolution from the other tribe, approving the unconditional relinquishment must accompany application.
  •  No Adopted or National Citizens or Descendents of Ancestors who were adopted or national  need to apply your application will be automatically rejected or disapproved.
  • If you are descendants of Ancestors that were captured during Indian slavery during colonial years and your family indured hardships such as Jim crow and racial laws  deem you to be either white or negro or black. which denied you of your birth rights and you have documentation to prove your ancestor blood.  We accept all dna testing by certifed approved clinics.  your case will be carefully review and sent forward to the formal committee  if approved or rejected you will be formally notified, via email or certified mail. 

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