"PAhA yOnû" We are the Spiritually Unconquered Indigenious "Uchean" Free People of Colored, Autonomous, Matriarchal Society.

Chief Caona WefafaNay Click the Photo to read a little Uchean history

The Savannah River Band of Euchee (Uchean) Indians is a matriarchal society, historically recognized by the South Carolina Royal Colonial Government in 1750. Descendants of this tribe have lived in areas along the Savannah River since the early 1500s. The Uchee were one of several ethnic groups in the old Apalache Kingdom. The Uchee (Uchean) joined the Yamasee in an uprising in 1715. They were allies of the Yamasee in this war, but not part of the Yamasee Alliance. The Savannah River Uchees were key players, with villages on both sides of the Savannah River bordering South Carolina and Spanish Florida. Ancestors and members of the Savannah River Band relied on creeks as neighboring trading partners; never became a part of the Creek Confederation, Nevertheless several other bands along the Chattahoochee did join the confederation and travel to newly develop Indian territory.

History teaches little unknown facts about the Underground Railroad. It ran south to Spanish Florida instead of north as it is taught in history. The narrow channels of the Savannah River in the area of what is known today as Allendale County, made it very easy to escape to freedom in Spanish Florida. Our Ancestors raided nearby plantations freeing Indians and Africans from captivity and slavery. The Euchee and various other tribes of the Confederation were involved in battles against the South Carolina colonists and the Cherokees, which continued until 1821.

Many members of the Savannah River Band migrated to Florida prior to the Seminole War, during that war, and after the war ended. Many Uchee fought alongside the Seminoles in that war.

Other tribal bands/clans members were captured and sold into slavery. Many Euchee young girls and woman were kidnapped and raped by the European and Indian traders. As the result of being raped, many of them committed suicide. Those who were strong enough to bear the pain of being violated were forced into unwanted marriages to live a life of unhappiness and were made to journey to Oklahoma and various parts of southern Florida--never to see their families again.


These European predators created clone tribes, deeming themselves as chiefs and aligning themselves with rogue Indian nations where those imposters would sign treaties which they had no birthright to. Other treaties were signed by half-breeds with European fathers who befriended old Andy Jackson for the sole purpose of self-greed.
Historical writer Edward Cashin in his book From Creeks to Crackers tells a legendary story of the history about mixed breeding. Other imposters stole the identity of the several bands or tribes of Yuchi nation and changed them to Creeks. This type of nonsense could never and will never be achieved in a True Matriarchal Society.

Respect is given always to the land and to the mothers of the land. When a nation remains true to its blood and soil, it remains indigenous and aboriginal. Many are called Natives, but few are aboriginal. The aboriginal American Indian does not discuss his or her European or African ancestors because we have none. However, the Native American will tell you about his or her Scottish, German, Irish, British and Moorish born ancestory. Some even claim Jewish. Rightfully so, for those Johnny come lately Native American.

Holafa Agaley"  Family Matriarch   Mom  made her spiritual transistion  on Dec 22, 2012  we will always love you and you will never be forgotten. 

Kipahalgwa  fierce warrior beloved  Ancestral War Chief


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